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How do we seek to fulfil these objectives?

The Mission to Seafarers, Sydney employs three full-time Chaplains, all of whom are active in crew visitation on board and in hospitals, counselling and mediation, seafarer transportation and other duties. We are open to seafarers from 1:30pm – 9.45pm seven days a week, although administrative staff are on site from 8:45am. We also employ one part-time Chaplain. Our Chaplains are (alphabetically):
The Rev. George Gayagay. George is married to Francesca and has two children and two grandchildren. George is an Anglican Minister from the Philippines who is able to establish an immediate cultural and linguistic rapport with Filipino seafarers, who form our largest ethnicity. George has a very effective ministry to seafarers experiencing marriage difficulties and is known as a wise and experienced counsellor in those circumstances. He also possesses a strong sense of justice and will accompany seafarers (who may have been cheated by certain retailers) to see that any injustices are corrected. George has ministered with The Mission since 1995 and, until recently, also pastored a Filipino Anglican congregation at Harris Park.
Jack Starmans. Jack is a married to Nola and they have two adult children. Jack began his ministry with the Mission in 2007 after many years ministering to people in impoverished parts of Sydney and New South Wales. He is deeply committed to the seafarers’ welfare and is especially effective in ministering to their spiritual needs. Jack has led many people to Jesus. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, he is quite fond of a long chat!
The Rev. Un Hui Tay. Un is married to Peck Chu and they have two adult daughters. Un was ordained in Malaysia as a Church of Christ Minister and, like Jack, came to the Mission in 2007. Being of Malaysian Chinese extraction, Un is fluent in a number of Asian languages, which is of immense benefit to us and to the increasing numbers of Chinese seafarers who have little or no understanding of English. Un has an extraordinary energy that, in addition to his ministry as a Chaplain, allows him also to play an important role in a Chinese Anglican Congregation in Ryde and to minister to seafarers in his off-duty hours and at his own expense. He does this without any fanfare and will soon be ordained in the Sydney diocese.
Jim Watt is married to Lynne and they have 3 adult children. Jim has been a pastor in 2 Sydney churches since graduating with a BTh from Moore College in 1990. He greatly values interdenominational practice and has worked with Prison Fellowship in visiting a number of jails over the years as well as leading the welfare arm of Newtown Mission Uniting Church for 10 years. Jim has almost completed a Graduate Diploma of Counselling.