June 3, 2019
Article by
Wendy King


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Paddle for the Mission to Seafarers

  • Great Team Building Event
  • Support by sponsoring those paddling
  • Starting November 18th 2019    

The Mission Statement of The Mission to Seafarers, Sydney NSW, is:

To fulfil the spiritual, moral and physical well-being of seafarers and all persons whose callings and occupations are in any way associated with the sea.

The  staff, board, volunteers and supporters of the Mission to Seafarers, are acutely aware, that whilst we are providing many essential services to the crews of the vessels providing more than 98% of goods used on a daily basis by each one of us, there is more work to be done. This includes:

  1. Providing services for seafarers whose vessels berth at White Bay during the cruise ship season.  These services would include a return bus trip to our city centre, where crew can enjoy all the facilities that our city centre offers, as well as having a chaplain on board vessels to provide assistance to crew unable to enjoy shore leave. Due to the large numbers of crew on passenger vessels, this service would provide assistance to approx. 20,000 – 30,000 seafarers/per annum
  1. Providing services to seafarers arriving at Kurnell.  Currently, crew arriving at Kurnell are very isolated and have no way of accessing sim cards and mobile phone top ups so that they can be in touch with loved ones at home.  Our aim is to have a chaplain visit the crew on board and provide them with sim cards and other essential supplies.  This service would provide assistance to approx. 4,000 seafarers/per annum
  1. To add a morning return bus run to Port Botany. This service would provide return transport and welfare services to approx. an extra 3,000 seafarers (on top of the 8,000 – 9,000 already receiving transport & welfare services) from Port Botany, and in turn provide many benefits to their families.

Of course, to achieve these additional objectives, extra funding is needed.  We hope to raise funds by applying for grants, voluntary donations and our own fund-raising events.  To kick start this, in November this year we will see our Accountant Gary, Chaplain Troy and Supporter James taking on the Massive Murray Paddle.  This involves kayaking 404km down the Murray River from Yarrawonga to Swan Hill over 5 days raising money for the Mission. As the Mission relies on the support of generous benefactors to serve the Seafarers 363 days per year, we hope that all individuals and companies will get behind this endeavour and sponsor Gary, Troy and James or paddle with them.

Some examples of what your sponsorship will provide:

  1. 10 cents per kilometre will provide: Return transport for 4 seafarers from Port Botany to our Mission
  2. 25 cents per kilometre will provide: Ship visiting for a day, a chaplain may visit up to 6 vessels, assisting approx. 50 – 60 crew
  3. 1 dollar per kilometre will provide: 1 month of free wi-fi for all seafarers coming in to our centre enabling them to communicate with their loved ones

For more information, to start a team or to support our paddlers Contact Us or contact Gary King - 9241 3009 / 0402 100 348