January 23, 2023
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Mission to Seafarers


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NSW Ports has donated $15,000 to Mission to Seafarers Sydney to support counselling, transport and services to mariners who help deliver essential goods to NSW each year. 

NSW Ports Communications Manager Brooke Eggleton said the business was proud to continue its support for seafarers who perform an integral role in the supply chain on which we all rely. “NSW Ports is proud to support Sydney Mission to Seafarers and seafarers,”  she said.

Mission to Seafarers Principal Chaplain Reverend Un Tay said NSW Ports’ donation would help seafarers recover from the challenges of the pandemic.

“For the past three years, many seafarers have spent between 12 to 24 months on board ships without shore leave, often working up to 18 hours straight while away from friends and family.      

“NSW Ports’ contribution will help us to restore our pre-lockdown services and continue new ones, like adding flu vaccinations to our ship-side vaccination program, delivering goods and care packs directly to seafarers unable to leave their vessels and to those visiting our Centre. The packs show seafarers that people in Sydney appreciate their work and resilience and genuinely care about them. Our vision is to provide a home away from home; a place of hospitality and a sanctuary of hope to all seafarers visiting our Mission,” he said.

See the NSW Port Media Release at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oEiGT9zg0MkRrZEDbhMgwGLtsQsR7EDe/view?usp=share_link

In our photo at left NSW Ports Port Operations Manager Wayne Ashton helps Rev Tay and Chaplain Jack pack gift bags during his visit to our Mission Centre