Our Commitment

For over one hundred and fifty years, The Mission to Seafarers has exercised a ministry to countless thousands (perhaps millions) of seafarers arriving in Sydney.
On the rear of our bus is a verse from Scripture that sums up our commitment to seafarers’ ministry: ‘We love, because [God] first loved us’ (1John 4:19).  The qualities of that love shape and empower our care for seafarers from ‘every nation and tribe and language and people’ (to quote the flying angel [from whom The Mission’s ‘Flying Angel’ logo is derived] in Revelation 14:6).
For more than 150 years we have been there for seafarers through thick and thin, in good times and in bad, and we will continue to be there for them.  We are not a ‘flash in the pan’ ministry – we continue to be here for ‘the long haul’!
It is this commitment to the total welfare of seafarers that makes The Mission to Seafarers, Sydney a ministry that is so actively sought out by seafarers seeking a ‘home’ in Sydney - a ministry that must always seek to return seafarers to their vessels in a better state of mind and spirit than that in which they came ashore.
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