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The Ministry of The Mission to Seafarers

What are our Objectives? 

Providing a place of safety and rest, relaxation and comfort to visiting seafarers;

  •  Caring for physically ill or psychologically distressed seafarers and visiting them in hospital as the need arises;
  • Providing transport for seafarers who feel the personal need to see a health care provider, and providing means whereby seafarers can land from their ships and visit the Station to relieve the stress of long periods on board their vessel;
  •  Visiting seafarers who are detained in a custodial institution; e) Providing for seafarers who find themselves destitute or temporarily without means to care for themselves; f) Providing clothing and other such necessities to seafarers who have been the victims of accidents or calamity;
  • Providing the means by which seafarers can contact their homes and families in times of need;
  •  Visiting and providing care for elderly, disabled or retired seafarers within the station’s area of operation;
  •  Assisting in the relief of pain or suffering due to any unjust action on the part of those who control the lives of seafarers;
  • Working for the establishment of justice for all seafarers, regardless of race, creed or status in order to prevent needless suffering;
  •  Providing welfare and assistance in the case of death; and
  • All matters incidental to the above.