Our Souvenir Price List with photos is available to download,
  Click here

  We have magnets, caps, koalas, boomerangs, t-shirts and much more.

  After you have chosen your order, simply email us at the address below and we will bring your goods to the gangway on your arrival. Our delivery service is still available but with shore leave on the increase there will come a time when you will have to get off the ship to shop at our centre yourselves.
  We are also able to buy goods depending on availability from Sydney shops and bring them too. We have an Instruction Sheet to help the shopping process. Click here

  We only stock Optus activated sims with recharge cards currently. You load the sim when you receive it to maintain the maximum usage time. Telstra, Lebara & Vodafone starter sims are free but need activation & recharging.
Current deals:
Optus A$30 - 40GB - 28 days,   A$20 - 12GB - 10 days,   A$10 - 5GB - 5 days